Choosing the perfect wedding band

You’ve found your perfect love match! Now it is time to find your wedding band, but where should you start? It can be a daunting task to find a wedding band that suits your engagement ring, but we’ve come up with some easy tips and suggestions to make navigating that selection a little easier.

First, let’s start with the basics. We’re going to break down some of the most popular options when it comes to wedding bands:

Classic Band - A simple band without diamonds. These are often engraved with a special note on the inside of the band.



Eternity Band - A band with diamonds that surround the entire circumference of the band.


Half Eternity Band - Also a band with diamonds, but only going halfway around the ring, providing greater durability for an active lifestyle.


5-Stone Band - This style typically uses larger diamonds for a bolder look.



Curved Band - These often have diamonds and can be designed to curve in just the right way to fit snugly against the engagement ring.

Notched Band - Similar to a curved but is more like a puzzle piece - snugly nestling against the engagement ring.


Infinity Band - This style is a perpetual circle of diamonds, incorporating the infinity sign, or figure 8, to signify that infinite relationship.




When it comes to finding the perfect band there isn't always a clear right or wrong choice. Traditionally, wedding bands and engagement rings are made of the same metal, so often times people assume that they should be made of the same metal. This isn’t true. If you tend to mix metals in your fashion jewelry selections, don’t be afraid to do it with your wedding set as well. Mixed metals can modernize the look, creating a winning duo!

While we all want a band that highlights our personal style, it is also important to consider how the band will complement your lifestyle. For example, if you have an active hobby or profession, an eternity ring may not be a great fit. The diamonds on the underside would be at a greater risk for chipping. In this case, consider a Half Eternity Band or a 5-Stone Eternity Band. You may also want to consider a harder metal like platinum, over the classic white gold. This way, you still have all the beauty with minimal risk of damage to your band.

It is important to choose one that will highlight yet not overpower your engagement ring. Whatever your style is, from mixed metal to diamonds or gemstones, there is a simple way to ensure your engagement ring remains the shining star. Try choosing a wedding band that is the same width as, or slightly thinner than the band of the engagement ring. This draws the eye toward the engagement ring.

Does diamond shape matter? Again, it’s all about complementing versus competing. If you have a larger round solitaire engagement right, you may want a thin pave eternity band with small round stones. This will mirror the shape of the engagement right without providing any distraction. If you have an emerald or square cut engagement ring, consider the fashionable east-to-west design for your wedding band with smaller emerald cut diamonds. These bands are gorgeous on their own or in a stack.

Look to the future! If you are planning to add another band to your wedding set down the road, or start a ring stack, you should consider how the design of your initial wedding band will complement your future wedding stack style. Make sure that your band is a design that you can see yourself loving several years from now. However, it’s never too early to start a ring stack if you ask us.

Try ring shopping at least 4-5 months before your wedding in case you decide to go the custom route and to plan for any potential engravings. Most importantly, remember this should be a fun and exciting time. Don’t stress, just choose a ring that speaks to you and your love.

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